Solidwood Collection

Indulge in the luxurious comfort of our premium Flimba Solid Wood Standing Desk as you work. Made from naturally sourced premium solid wood, you can expect one-of-a-kind grain textures and wood patterns on each desktop.

A Centrepiece Like None Other

Away from the dreariness of contemporary furniture, the Flimba Solidwood collection seeks to bring an air of rustic sophistication with a curated list of premium solid wood table tops. Elevate your workspace and add a touch of class to your workspace with our Solidwood collection.


Available in 120,160,160,180 cm


Available in 120,160,160,180 cm


Available in 120,160,160,180 cm


Available in 120,160,160,180 cm

Beautiful, Long-Lasting Acacia Solidwood

Acacia is one of the most valuable solid wood varieties worldwide because of its natural smooth finish and delicate grain patterns. Its innate durability also makes it a highly sought-after hardwood.

Impressive Durability
Throughout the 18th century, the British Royal Navy favoured Acacia, one of the world’s toughest woods. The tree’s waxy coating naturally protected them from pests giving them the ability to hold firm against cannon bullets. The wood’s ability to withstand water also adds to its already impressive attributes. To make our Solid Wood Standing Desk, we sustainably source and harvest Acacia allowing our desks to inherit the wood’s natural water resistance, toughness, and beauty; you can trust that our solid wood desks are built to last a long time.

Stunning Visuals
Acacia’s naturally existing intricate grain structure and slight fade give the material, despite its weight and durability, an impression of rustic sophistication that is atypical in modern furniture. Each Acacia desktop is distinctive and exclusive to its owner because of the uniqueness of its visual appearance. The superb tone and rich textures of our Acacia tabletops would flawlessly match any decor.

Striking, Organic Pheasantwood

Pheasant wood is a solid wood that features intricate patterns with contrasting golden and black streaks which are reminiscent of a pheasant’s tail feathers, hence its name.

Finely defined streaks of gold and black can be further noticed on the flat surface of the wooden slab. It is an aesthetically appealing yet durable material that’s perfect for making premium desktops like ours. We’ve combined the Pheasant wood with our Live-Edge front which gives it a one-of-kind naturalistic beauty and quality.

Our team has preserved the natural patterns on the pheasant wood’s surface – from shade to shape – through advanced industry techniques. Its elegant black and brown contrasting stripes are further enhanced with varnish making it far more gorgeous and appealing than it already is.  It is not an exaggeration to claim that every one of our Pheasantwood desktops is absolutely one-of-a-kind. It might just even end up being the focal point of your workspace instead of merely enhancing it.

Tough Yet Exceptionally Stunning Walnut Solidwood

This premium solid wood, exclusively found in both the Appalachian regions in North America, is popular in the woodworking industry for good reason; it has distinct textures and unique patterns.

Walnut is not one to crack so easily. In the beautiful yet harsh climates of subzero temperatures and fierce winds of the Appalachian Mountains, walnut trees impressively remained tall and unflustered in the face of all mother nature could throw at them.
Our Walnut tabletop is not only gorgeous, but it can withstand anything life throws at it. The Walnut trees we responsibly harvest are pressure-treated and kiln-dried to preserve their natural beauty and strength.

The unmatched beauty of nature. Every Walnut Standing Desk is unique because its naturally occurring patterns are painstakingly preserved at every stage by our team of artisans. Saying that every one of our walnut tabletops is absolutely unique is not being exaggerated. It’s unlikely this desktop will only complement your workspace; it will dominate without a doubt and become the room’s centrepiece in an instant.

The center of attraction in any workspace. With its lovely, creamy white sapwood, light brown heartwood, and faint mocha brown cast, the Walnut desktop is exquisitely balanced, to say the least. The desk is made entirely of walnut planks, allowing the wood’s inherent beauty to be fully appreciated. Our walnut tabletops are just dripping with flair without sacrificing quality.

Simple, Handcrafted White Oak Solidwood

White oak is among Eastern and Central North America’s premier hardwoods also found from Minnesota, Ontario, Quebec, and Southern Maine to Northern Florida and Eastern Texas.

Handcrafted Perfection.
Our Solid Wood Height Adjustable Desk is handcrafted with unmatched expertise by our talented woodworkers from top-quality white oak so it’s no less than attractive, durable, long-lasting, and resistant to warping. White oak contains a high tannin content plus dense and closed grains making it exceptionally resistant to pest and fungal infestations. It’s not hard to see why it’s a popular material in the woodworking industry.

Strikingly Beautiful.
White Oak is the ideal choice for a minimalist workspace thanks to its clean, near-white finish and crisp grain texture. If you’d rather not have your solid wood desk steal the spotlight and become the centrepiece of the room, White Oak is a good choice since its lovely natural tones blend seamlessly into any existing room interior.


We are committed to minimising our environmental footprint in everything we do, for sourcing to production to packaging. Our products are also built to last, which means less waste. 


All of our products are thoughtfully designed and built to make your workday more comfortable and productive. 


Made from naturally sourced premium solid wood, you can expect one-of-a-kind grain textures and wood patterns on each desktop

Long-Lasting,Premium Solidwood Desktop

Discover the premium comfortable feel that our Solid Wood Standing Desk desktops have to offer. These gorgeous wide-plank solid wood desktops have lovely grain patterns and earth tones. Made only from sustainably harvested wood and a low VOC finish, you can trust that our desktops satisfy the strictest chemical emission regulations. The desktops feature naturally existing patterns meticulously preserved by our team of artisans. Trust us when we say every one of our solid wood desktops is absolutely unique.

Flimba Pro Bamboo

Flimba Pro Bamboo

Beautiful corner and edge details, rich tones, subtle grain variation.

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Flimba Pro Ergo Edge

Flimba Pro Ergo Edge

Smooth corners and a slightly bevelled curved front edge

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Flimba Pro Solidwood

Flimba Pro Solidwood

Handcrafted to perfection, one-of-a-kind and strikingly beautiful

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Flimba Pro Frame

Flimba Pro Frame

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