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Our Story

Flimba™ is driven by one bold and ambitious goal – to elevate workplaces across all industries through innovative and state-of-the-art ergonomic office products. We want to encourage health and productivity in the workplace after realising the scarcity of high-quality sit-stand workstations in the UK market. As we’ve seen first-hand how sit-stand working and a more active work life can drastically improve overall well-being, we tirelessly work on providing you with the finest office standing desks engineered to perfection to accommodate all your work needs whatever they may be. As a UK-based company, we actively promote the benefits of active working and deliver premium products at competitive products to all our customers in the UK. We’ve collaborated with some of the most talented and reputable manufacturers both locally and internationally to deliver exceptional office furniture that’s both visually appealing and comfortably functional. We’re proud to offer you a variety of premium office furniture and accessories that are built with the same care and attention to detail that went into the creation of our very own Flimba Pro Laminate. To support the local economy and stay aligned with our goal of delivering the highest quality standards to all our customers, we source the best materials to use in creating our products both within the UK and from global Manufactures.

Benefits of Standing Desk

Flexible Desk and Office Solutions

We at Flimba know that you’ll perform at your best when you’re active, comfortable, and happy. This drives us to continue doing what we do best – helping employees get the optimal workspace they deserve to stay fit, comfortable, and productive.

Our premium height adjustable desk range has been carefully handpicked to ensure that everyone’s needs are well-met. We can guarantee that our workstations and chairs have the same strength, stability, and attention to superior ergonomic design.

Get to Know Flimba Office Desk Furnitures and Accessories

Unparalleled Desk Build

To deliver the best quality sit to stand desk and other office accessories to our customers, we continually source reputable suppliers within our own communities and from across the globe. We collaborate with a network of foreign and local suppliers all to produce desks with market-leading stability and usability

We’ve sourced the best and most stable frames on the market and paired them with beautiful, resilient, and long-lasting desktops. Our extensive product selections include the finest accessories to complete your dream office setup.

Excellent Quality and Customer Service

Not only are our desks, chairs, and accessories created with your well-being, and productivity in mind, but they’re also built to be sustainable and durable with the highest quality materials. We’re confident in the quality of our products and to prove that, we provide 10-year warranties on most of our products. Meanwhile, our customer service is second to none. Whether you have a question regarding ourstanding deskline or need assistance with something else, our team will happily assist you until you’re satisfied.

What Sets Us Apart

Good value for money is not the only thing you can expect from us; we can give you innovative unique pieces that are hard to find elsewhere. We never hesitate to explore new ideas, and when we discover a good one, we become the embodiment of perseverance. Every step is equally important, from research to prototype development, testing, and official launch, to taking every piece of feedback into account so we continually improve our products and services.

Stability, Flexibility and Usability

Using our network of international and local suppliers we have sourced the best components. All to create desks that offer market leading stability and usability to help boost your productivity.
We’ve sourced the best and most stable frames available and matched them with stylish, hardwearing and durable desktops. We’ve found the best designed and most stylish desktops, for your office and entertainment. And then we found the best accessories to complete your set up.

Great Quality and Great Service

Our desks, chairs, and accessories are not only designed with your body, well-being, and productivity in mind. They are built from thebest quality componentsand materials available. We pride ourselves on providing you with well-designed, top quality and durable products. When you invest in a desk or chair you want to know you’re buying something quality, that will last you for years. We’re so confident in our quality that we’re offering 10 year warranties on some of our products. And we’ll also guarantee you great service, and some of the fastest deliver about.