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How can Flimby accessories benefit you?

Extra Connectivity

Best of the best 

Extra Support

additional desk space

Cable Management

tidy up and control your environment

Keep your space powered with in-desk charging solutions

Keep all your devices connected and charged easily with our in desk power outlets and accessories like the elsafe pixel and in desk wireless charging accessories. With an array of power and data connectivity at your fingertips, you can focus on the task at hand. Simplified tech solutions that make your day easy? That’s Desky!

Keep your space powered with in-desk charging solutions

Still, adding extra storage and organising your standing desk while keeping the look streamlined and stylish can be tricky. However, our simple, compact under-desk drawer gives you everything you need to enhance your setup and complement an effective and minimalist workstyle. 

Keep your space powered with in-desk charging solutions

A messy office is not conducive to a productive workday. We’ve cleaned up your cables and got you moving with your ergonomic desk. Now solve your office storage issues with some simple and convenient storage options like our desk drawers and filing pedestal cabinets.

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